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Recommended for people looking for a deep clean.

  • Wildflower Package plus…

  • Outside of kitchen cabinets.

  • Outside of light fixtures, light switches, outlet plates.

  • Interior door frames and doors.

  • Interior window frames and windows.



All Add On Services Can Be Added To Any Appointment 

  • Baseboard Cleaning 

  • Manual Oven Interior 

  • Self Cleaning Oven Interior 

  • Refrigerators and Freezers 

  • Interior Window Cleaning 

  • Dishes

  • Deck/ Porch/ Balcony Clean Up

  • Laundry

  • Bed Making

  • Window Seal Cleaning (Between the glass and screen)


Recommended for people looking for a basic clean.

  •  In the Kitchen we wipe down the counters, sink, outside of all appliances, all small counter top appliances. 

  • In the bathroom we clean counters, sink, tub, toilet, shower and floor. 

  • Dusting, vacuuming and mopping of  all rooms. 


Designed for homes empty of furniture and belongings.

  • In the Kitchen: All light fixtures, face plates, light switches, door frames, doors, window frames, counters, sinks, inside and outside of all appliances (except dishwasher interior), and inside and outside of all cabinets.

  • In Bathrooms:  All light fixtures, face plates, light switches, door frames, doors, window frames, windows, counters, mirrors, inside and outside of the vanity, sink, tub, toilet, shower, baseboards and floor.

  • In Common areas, Bedrooms, Hallways and Closets: High dusting, mid and lower baseboards, door frames, doors, window frames, windows, ceiling fans, air vents, and blinds.

  • In Laundry room: Outside of washer and dryer, shelving and floor.

  • Vacuuming and mopping of all rooms.

  • All trash is removed.

Services not included in this package are: window cleaning, window seal cleaning, carpet cleaning, scrubbing or wiping of walls/ ceiling or cleaning property outside of the home such as patios or porches. These services can be provided during your appointment for an additional fee but are not included in your price quote. 

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